April 18, 2016


The Infrared Market

The infrared imaging business comprises two main markets: Lower cost, higher volume devices, and high cost, low volume devices.

The first category is most often represented by bolometers, which operate at room temperature and provide relatively simple information. The end user of the bolometer device is often a consumer, for instance in the case of a vehicle with a thermal imager on the dashboard to aide in identifying road hazards. By 2017, these devices are projected to cost less than $1,000, similar to the cost of a GPS unit a decade ago.

Bolometer devices are not sufficiently sensitive for the second category of infrared imaging. The second category includes a wide variety of uses in highly specialized industrial, military, and medical devices.

The sensors we are developing are faster, cooled, Type II Superlattice detectors, purpose built for their applications. Our devices are uniquely suited to the particular situation for which we manufacture them, and fine tuned to generate the necessary specific imaging results.